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We’re both sick—nothing like a late summer cold to make you feel stupid. In order to alleviate the boredom, we decided to work together and make the GIANT, Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows. The fabric is Joel Dewberry’s Manzanita Basket – Red Mix. Originally Josh wanted to use this fabric to make a shirt and then the Sewist thought of making a dress out of it (something like the Charmed Dress, but actually a dress and not half of one). Thankfully we didn’t because this fabric is a little, well, busy. This looks cool as pillow, and maybe could work as some Dr. Jack Ramsay 70s style pants (if you know who Dr. Jack is, you know what we mean), but not a shirt and certainly not a dress.

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The pattern was simple and easy, like the regular gum drop pillow that the Sewist made a couple of weeks ago. These, too bad we can’t curse to describe them, are BIG. The dog has decided that they are great to crash into and they are going to be great as ottomans (or perhaps a Weapon of Mass Destruction in a pillow fight).

Being sick, we looking for something uncomplicated and the sewing and construction was definitely that (well the Sewer did run out of bobbin thread, with 4 inches remaining to sew and screwed up rewinding it, which lead him to call the bobbin a favorite term from Deadwood, which almost killed—because of the coughing—the Sewist she laughed so hard).

However, finding enough stuffing was an adventure. As you well may know, the Fabric Despot is not the Sewer’s favorite place. After making sure that he was dehydrated and unlikely to have to urinate, and therefore use the porta-potty/men’s restroom, we headed out. We found a five pound box of Fiberfill and asked for more. After being told to go to customer service and then told to go to the wholesale desk, I exclaimed “(redacted) this” and we left. The Sewist was in need of new pillows so we went to Ikea and bought 4 for her plus two cheapos in case we needed extra. We took all of the old pillows and the two extras and cut them open and stuffed the drops. Still very short. That was Saturday night. Sunday we head downtown to Nordy’s Rack and bought two Calvin Klein King Sized pillows (only 12 dollars a piece, because if you tried to sleep on them your head would fall off, trust us—they’re insanely large for pillows). With the addition of these pillows and a little hand sewing they were done.

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They turned out to be pretty pricey in the end (with fabric and stuffing probably 40-50 bucks a piece). No more big pillows until we can find a cheap source for lots of stuffing (my friend in the furniture biz will be hearing from me shortly). The absurd thing is, that however we crunch the numbers, it’s still (we think, our number crunching is not that reliable) cheaper to buy pillows from Ikea or some other cheap place than buying Fiberfill from the Despot or anywhere else we can think of.

Ubiquitous dog being cute with the sewing project picture.

1244726252 1c63958530 o Stop, Drop & StuffPS—If you know of a cheap, or even reasonably-priced, source for Fiberfill, please let us know! We need more pillows around here!

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6 thoughts on “Stop, Drop & Stuff

  1. Hi! By accident I ordered WAY too much fiberfill for a project and I’d be happy to send you 10 pounds, if you would reimburse me for the postage. It would be a large box, but not heavy. Would you be interested?

  2. Hey Gwendolyn,
    Just noticed your comment today…
    We have a lead on some filling—I’ll let you know.

  3. Your pillows look beautiful!
    About the fill… I bought a punching bag years ago and noticed by accident that it was stuffed with fabric scraps. The scraps happened to be lycra swimwear stuff. So, maybe if you used old clothes for the center of the pillow, and wrap it with batting, then fill the rest with the cushy fiberfill.

  4. Cristina: That’s absolutely brilliant. We’re all about reusing, too, so it would be a great use for fabric scraps that are just taking up space!

  5. Cristina:
    Just made another Gumdrop pillow (will post pics soon) and tried your suggestion for a punching bag stuffing technique. Not only did it work—it actually made the center of the pillow more firm, and therefore more practical for seating and general abuse. You’re an innovator!

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