No Pain, No Gain?

from sarah the sewist 

I spent a lot of this weekend working on Amy Butler’s lovely new pattern, the Sophia Bag. However, this pattern has officially kicked my ass. Or at least my fingers.

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Yep, that’s my index finger—one of the many victims of this little project. As of this evening, I have had to stop bleeding on my fingers three times, and suffered a couple of bruised finger tips. I never knew that you finger tips could actually bruise! I believe about half of our pins are now toast as well.

Yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. No, I’m not apologizing for feeling sorry for myself.

This bag is shaping up to be a pretty cool one, despite all of the drama.

For something a bit different (okay, maybe a lot different), I’m using an Alexander Henry home dec weight fabric called “Tattoo Too.” It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s got lots of funky stylized “tattoos” all over…

2191183757 59184f5d2d m No Pain, No Gain?

I love the slightly edgy look of this fabric constrasting with the very girly, old-fashion shape and lines of this bag. It’s fun and a little unexpected.

Here’s a close up of one of the tattoos—the only thing that would make this better is if it said “Mom” in the heart instead of “Amor:”

2191972100 460a9a5669 m No Pain, No Gain?

Just like Amy’s High Street Messenger Bag (several of which I made this fall), there are a lot of pieces to this one—but, luckily, I’ve made enough of these bags to save my sanity and label, label, label each piece (ask my how I learned this lesson).

2191975700 4f38119daf m No Pain, No Gain?

I also had an adventure with the piping, somehow buying way too thick of cording to make the piping—I know I bought the quarter-inch stuff like was called for, but I think my stuff was a lot more dense that most cording, so I zipped back over to Fabric Depot before they closed last night and bought three yards of 3/32 cording instead. (I’m a big spender—my total came to 62 cents. This may be some sort of fabric store buying record.)

2191976294 4dab63136f m No Pain, No Gain?

So far, I’ve made a few changes, including the piping size: after staying up until 2:00 a.m. last night wrestling with the bottom panel with all of its piping and interfacing, etc, and then getting up wrestling with it some more, I just decided to omit the bottom panel’s piping. (Sidebar: I really need to investigate my options for creating a sturdy bag without so much thickness. There’s got to be a way.) Oh, and I added feet to the bottom.

I had hoped to finish this up this evening, but honestly, my hands and fingers ache. And the trusty Kenmore really needs a break. It was starting to get pretty aggravated with my abuse. It’s been so good to me, so I need to return the favor. After this project’s done, I’m going to give it a good de-linting and clean out as a reward.

Well, off to nurse my wounds.

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7 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain?

  1. But did you CHARGE the $0.62 on a credit card? Those are the things that endear us to our favorite fabric stores.

    I can’t tell you how many times the checkout gal at my local Hancock’s sighs when I produce my debit card to purchase my 99 cent Simplicity pattern!

    Anyway, I love that you are tackling this bag and can’t wait to see it when complete. Keep going! Selfishly, so many of us in blogland benefit when you finish such a project and live to tell. I’m not even close to working up the nerve for the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag but your efforts help me get a little closer. Plus, that fabric is too cool to not be made into this bag! :-)

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  3. No, luckily I didn’t have to use my debit card for 62 cents—I’m sure Fabric Depot has a policy against that. (They have a lot of rules!)

    I scrounged around in my wallet for change—a minor miracle I had any at all!

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