Sewist’s Block

You probably remember my Hot Patterns Jeanious Jeans that I was so gung-ho about… The ones that were looking totally awesome?

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Well, I finished them up, complete with the hot pink pocket and waistband lining.

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And some funky pink twin needling on the hem.

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Pretty fresh, huh? I thought so, too. And they fit great. Seriously, Hot Patterns’ fit works really well for me.

Anyway, I wore these jeans/trousers to work the day after I finished them. I got a number of compliments on them, including my favorite,

You made those didn’t you? I can tell because there’s hot pink lightning bolts on the ass.

I guess normal people would be annoyed by a comment like that, but it was meant in the nicest way possible. (For the record, I wasn’t thinking lightning bolts, I was just going for something geometric and even possibly “designer”—whatever that means.)

Anyway, I was feeling pretty good about my fancy pants, and Josh picked me up from work that day. I hopped in the car and the second my butt hit the seat I hear,


Yep, my jeans, that I’d worked so hard on, and was so proud of, ripped—and ripped big. Good thing we have heated seats—that’s all I’m saying.

2419441189 ec847b1f96 Sewists Block

Anyway, upon inspection, I remembered something I’d noticed when I was sewing these jeans. You see, this was some super cheap denim that Josh had bought at The Despot for a project that he’d thought the better of. So, I commandeered it for my first pair of Hot Patterns Jeanious Jeans. And at one point, when I was doing some topstitching on the yoke or somewhere, and noticed what can just be described as a fabric “nub.” I though, “weird,” and sort of pushed it out of my mind.

I’m thinking that was a mistake. The nub seemed to be the epicenter of the tear—with the fabric basically “running” up and down.

This whole episode has totally gotten my head out of the sewing game. I just can’t seem to get anything going. The only thing I’ve managed to make since this near-catastrophe is my “Not Knitted” Burda World Fashion sweater. It’s stupid because I know that this had nothing to do with my sewing ability, but nevertheless, I feel like I’ve lost my sewing mojo.

I can think, think, think about sewing. Help Josh with sewing. Even cut out another pair of Jeanious Jeans. But when it comes to putting thread to needle to fabric, I just can’t get my head around it.

Maybe it’s Sewist’s Block?


pixel Sewists Block
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7 thoughts on “Sewist’s Block

  1. Ughh, how frustrating for you, and after you did such a nice job on the jeans! It’s understandable that your mojo is taking a little break for now. But…on the positive side, you know you have a good jeans pattern. I hope you make them again with good denim!

  2. Ouch! What a heartbreak after all that hard work! It’s understandable that you’re off the boil for a little bit. But it’ll come back, and I hope you’ll make these again, too!

    . . . In a related note, I’m thrilled to know I’m not the only one who calls it “The Despot!”

  3. That hurts. Especially after you did such a great job on them.

    Hopefully, your mojo will come back soon, as this whole episode seems to be based on fabric, and not your talents.

  4. Dear sewist, don’t fret about your torn jeans. As my mother always loved to say (and it would drive me crazy to hear) but you’ll get over it, even if you don’t want to right now. Nancy said it first, but I second the notion that at least you have a great pattern that works for you, tried and tested. Now just get yourself some quality denim, no more cheapo-depot crapola, and just do it. One seam at time…

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