Snowed In

3115583874 b68865a619 Snowed In

Notice that the dog has kicked off one of her booties? She really regretted that once she realized how cold the ground was.

Ugh. It’s been frigid here in Portland, and we’ve even had a dusting of snow–a rare sight, for sure. So we’ve been stuck in the house (with the notable exceptions of Josh going to work for a few hours each day and venturing out to the Blazers vs. Kings game last night). You’d think that would help with the final push to get all of our holiday gifts finished and shipped. Yeah, you’d think. As of Sunday, this was the state of all of our gifts that needed to be made.

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The pile looks pretty daunting, eh?

We sent Sunday slogging through a couple of gifts for folks–the pieced bag (for Josh’s grandma) from Anna Maria Horner’s new book and a fancy hostess apron for Josh’s stepmother (also from Anna Maria’s book). Josh’s other grandmother is going to be getting an Amy Butler Downtown Purse, which she specifically mentioned when she didn’t get one last year (she saw Josh’s stepmother‘s last year), and it’s almost done, just needs the lining sewn attached to the bag body.

3114757889 5c615533fb Snowed In

Half of the pieced bag--this is looking dangerously close to quilting...

We’re on the home stretch, but totally blew our December 16 deadline. (Snow was a factor, but not the factor.) This year, we’re not attempting any insanity like last, in which we tried to make everything for everyone. That was just too stressful and exhausting. And, frankly, not everyone likes a homemade gift (weird, huh?).

In other–completely random–news, Sarah was shopping for the fabric for the pieced bag at Fabric Depot last week and was innocently minding her own business when she crashed smack into this pillar with her cart.

3116077881 7865a2f234 Snowed In

At least they had the decency to paint it red.

Yes, it’s a concrete pillar, the same height as the bolts of fabric, in the middle of the aisle. Hands down, The Despot has one of the most inhospitable shopping environments ever. What, they’re booby-trapping the store now?

And, finally, this is Josh’s secret holiday project. He calls it, “A Very Zombie Christmas.” Can’t say much else about it…

3115584248 af08754317 Snowed In

This guy was left over from our garage sale from hell.

Happy holidays, everyone. And please reassure us that we’re not the only ones who have totally botched up the gifting and decorating this year…

~S & J

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3 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. um, it’s december 18 and i just put the tree up last night. right now it has lights, but that’s it. digital photo frames have been bought for the in-laws, but i’m still going through 4 years of photos to put on the SD card to put in the frame. pj pants are not even cut out for BIL. boxers are not cut out for my brother. in-laws live in AZ and IA and i live in WI and nothing has been packaged and sent. i’m thinking online gift cards are looking pretty good right now.

    no, you aren’t the only ones who have botched stuff up. ^_^

  2. Well…. I can’t say I botched it up b/c the plan was for me to be digging into most Christmas preparation this past week and right on up to the big day itself. I’m on schedule, just a late schedule, LOL! Finished class gifts for Louis’ class yesterday, some client presents for today, still need to make stockings for surprise Xmas guests (they will be empty, but at least each guest will have a stocking hung by the fire with care), and the whole shebang. But we still have lots of time. :)

    I really like the fabrics you’ve used for the pieced bag! Very cheery. And I’m waiting with bated breath for more photos on the Very Zombie Christmas.

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