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NOTE: Sewer-Sewist is on a permanent vacation. If you have any questions about this website or wish to contact Josh & Sarah, please do via Sarah’s website.

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Welcome to Sewer-Sewist!

Sewer-Sewist is authored by Gen-X husband and wife Josh (Sewer) and Sarah (Sewist), and chronicles our adventures in sewing and musings on all things sewing and crafting related—and sometimes slightly unrelated.

We started this blog around the same time that Josh started learning how to sew… Amazingly, people really didn’t believe that Josh, being a guy, was actually using a sewing machine and creating his own handcrafted items. So, Sewer-Sewist became a reality.

So, you may wonder about the name “Sewer-Sewist.” It’s a simple play on words, really. Lots of folks online use the term “Sewist.” While it’s usually used as a combination of the words sewer and artist, we prefer our own definition: Sewer=he sews, Sewist=she sews.

You’ll find us working on all kinds of projects here at Sewer-Sewist. Anything from homemade ottomans to dog jackets to hats to your run-of-the-mill—and not so run-of-the-mill, clothing are bound to make an appearance. We also try to keep up-to-date on interesting sewing and garment-related news and information that we find interesting.

What else can we tell you about us? Some slightly random stuff, pretty much… We like to work on projects as a team—which some folks think is weird, but we think makes sewing a whole lot more fun. We’ve been married since 2005 and met in college (ahhh…). We have an Australian Shepherd, who makes frequent appearances in the pages of this blog. And we live in beautiful, crafty Portland, Oregon where everyone does something interesting and creative. Needless to say, we love it here.

Thanks for stopping by… We hope you enjoy Sewer-Sewist!

Meet Josh the Sewer

Meet Sarah the Sewist

Meet the Mascot

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