Permanent Vacation

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Hi all! Obviously, this blog has not been updated in some time. However, we still get a fair number of folks visiting and leaving comments, so we thought we’d post this note to let y’all know where you can find us, since Sewer-Sewist is on a permanent vacation these days.

Sarah manages Clear Eyes, Full Shelves, a blog for readers –

Sarah Tweets at @SarahSMoon & at @FullShelves

Sarah co-hosts a podcast with a friend in Australia which discusses sports, culture and other random things –

Sarah is also on Tumblr –

Josh occasionally tweets at @TheRealJMoon

Josh like Tumblr a lot

You can also visit Sarah’s professional (and oft-neglected) website at to keep up with classes she’s teaching and services she offers.

Sarah has contributed a few posts to TrueUp, including this fun interview with David Butler.  

Sarah also contributed a series of humor posts about basketball on A Stern Warning

You can always drop us a line via the contact page on this site, if you’d like to stay in touch!



Shameless Self-Promotion

Please excuse the advertising, but we’re having a garage sale this weekend!

We live the in the Best Neighborhood in Portland—Concordia—(honestly, it’s true, Mayor Potter gave us an award and everything) and each summer the whole neighborhood gets together and has a massive neighborhood-wide garage sale. It’s crazy… This year there are likely to be around 100 families having sales.

We’ve been de-cluttering, as has Sarah’s mom, and have put together a pretty nice assortment of stuff. We thought you’d be especially interested in knowing that we’re selling two Brother conventional sewing machines for $25 a pop. We promise the stuff is pretty nice—and the clothes (both women’s & men’s) are almost all consignment/resale shop quality. Lots of them are perfect for reconstruction or updating, while others are good as is. And, Sarah’s mom is parting with the raddest pair of gold-colored silk pants ever!

Here’s a teaser of some of the clothes:

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Sarah’s mom is also greatly reducing her shoe collection. Fifty pairs of high heels are just a few too many for a high school English teacher. She’s quite the shoe aficionado, so if you wear a women’s shoe size 8-9, you may find something awesome.

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Anyway, if you’re in the Portland area check out the 10th Annual Concordia Neighborhood Garage Sale this weekend. You can pick up maps at NE 33rd Ave. & Killingsworth. If you’re interested in our particular sale, email us at sewersewist [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll send you the address details.

If you stop by and mention that you found out about our garage sale on Sewer-Sewist, we’ll give you a free popsicle! (Usual price: 50 cents.)

We now return to our usual programming…

~Sarah & Josh

Talk to Us!

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It looks like we’re having an intermittent problem with the commenting function here at Sewer-Sewist. So, if you try to leave a comment and you’re told to enter a security code and there’s not one to enter or there’s some other problem with trying to talk to us, would you be so kind as to drop us an email and let us know so we can continue to work on the problem? We can always be reached at sewersewist [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you so much!

~S & J 

Out of commission

Our computer is having some issues, so until that’s fixed, you won’t hear much from us. We’ve got lots and lots to post once we’ve got this issue resolved, though!