How To Clean A Deck With A Pressure Washer?

If you have not taken care of your deck for year chances of accumulation of a lot of dirt, mold and fungus are highly possible. If you have made up your mind to give it a fresh and clean look, pressure washer combined with a suitable deck cleaning solution can make your job easy. Pressure washing your longtime unattended deck might take a whole day but certainly it will give a noticeable fresh look at the end. For this cleaning job you can rent a pressure washer or use your own. If you are attending to a larger area with hardwood, go for a gas powered pressure washer. You can read more here about various cleaning jobs that you can do with pressure washers.

Handling pressure washers can dangerous if you do it wrong. When using pressure washers always wear thick clothing that does not get stuck to the pressure washer nozzle accidently. Clear the debris around the cleaning spot and ensure that the pets and children are away from the area. As decks are exposed to rain, the wood around the nails expand and during sunny days it dries and contracts. Due to this process the loosened nails protrude on the surface of the deck. These nails might hinder your shifting of patio furniture and so you need to fix this problem. Using the drift pin you can hammer back the nails to the wood without cracking it.

The next step would be brushing away the surface dirt prior to pressure washing. This process loosens the algae and fungus and makes the job easy for pressure washer. Consider using a pump spray for this process as it would cover a larger area. Purchase a deck cleaning solution that is compatible with your pressure washer and spray it over the deck. Let the cleaner work for 15 minutes so that it penetrates through the dirt. Use a deck scrubbing brush with a long handle to scrub away the dirt and algae. Now you can use a garden hose to clean the surface or a pressure washer to do a better job.

Prior to using the pressure washer on the whole deck area, test it over a small area to see if there is any damage. Choosing the tip measuring between 40 to 60 degrees will provide a wide angle so that the water does not stagnate at one point. Keep the spraying wand away from you and pressure wash the deck in a fanning motion.