Set Up Your Virtual Office With These Simple Steps

A virtual office is an excellent way for your business to save on the cost of leasing an office space. In this read, we are going to walk you through the simple steps of achieving that:

Map Out Your Strategy

Not everybody’s virtual office will look alike. Maybe you have a physical office, but want to complement it with virtual receptionists. Or perhaps you’re starting with nothing and want to completely go virtual from the start. Regardless of your ultimate goal, it helps to map out your strategy before embarking on your venture.

Possible virtual office elements are:

-Virtual assistants

-Virtual receptionists

-Virtual business address

-Virtual call center

-Leasable meeting spaces

How many of these elements you intend to use will determine how much work is needed to get started.

Getting a Virtual Business Address

Your virtual office can be complete without a professional address for mail. Here you do not have to stay in the address the mail gets sent to. There are numerous services out there that allow you to give key business partners and contacts a professional looking business address. With such services, you can:

-Get email notifications when your mail has arrived

-Check by phone whether there’s any mail

-Have the mail automatically delivered to your residence.

Picking a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants, ideally known as virtual receptions are some of the most popular elements of virtual offices. However, beyond the fact that a VA can be helpful, most individuals get stuck in the process of finding and hiring one, let alone training one. Luckily, there are numerous firms out there that offer VAs on flexible pricing models. The most popular ones include M1businesscenter (view website), VA Talks, AskSunday, Intelligence Office, Worldwide 101, and more.

Training Your VA

The task of hiring a virtual assistant takes a few minutes, but training them can be a bit more time-consuming. Since you will not be supervising them in the manner you would in a conventional office; rules, instructions and procedures are a must. Fortunately, most of the reputable VAs out there are properly trained and experienced in doing most of the tasks you have for them.

Regardless of those tasks, you will need similar but modified rules for them to adhere to. This way, the VA will stop being just an assistant and become your assistant.

A Virtual Phone System

If you have owned a conventional office before, the idea of having a phone system installed in under an hour might seem like a pipe dream. However, with a virtual phone system, this dream becomes a reality. This type of phone system allows you to get up in running in just a few steps. All it takes is:

-Choosing a business phone number

-Creating a customized main greeting

-Adding employees as well as departments

That is it. With these simple steps, you will be able to take calls, receive faxes and voicemails regardless of your location.

Now that you have acquired a business address, a virtual assistant and a phone system, your office is in ideal shape and you’re ready to start making waves out there.